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Faceless Shadows is a powerful, disturbing, twisted and dramatic film that will bring a mixture of emotions. Based on a true story, Faceless Shadows is a story of Calvin Strong, a man that has suppressed anger from a secret that he's kept ever since his childhood. A child that has now grown into a man with a family of his own whom he is very protective over however, they sometimes need protection from him. From childhood Calvin is taught discipline, but without love and affection from his mother he has no idea how to love neither his family nor himself. The could be nurturing environment for Calvin and his family has been compromised. Will Calvin be able to come clean about his secrets in hopes that he will be able to change his ways? Will he be able to forgive himself and others? Or are there just too many secrets to forgive? How much time do he have left to get it right?

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Aug 29, 2019


United States



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