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Having rekindled their childhood friendship, Teel and Madison begin sharing their lives over the internet as a means of coping with the typical problems of adolescent life. Though they are on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum, Madison, the A-list party girl, takes pity on Teel, the social outcast, vowing to help him win friends on social media. As their relationship deepens, Madison falls for Teel, forcing him to confess the hidden cause of the bullying he faces at school. His admission sets off a sequence of events that ultimately motivates Madison to expose her own devastating secret in a disturbing cry for help. This digital coming of age story examines some of the most pressing and pernicious social issues facing the world's teenagers today - and all of it viewed through the brutally honest lens of an online video chat.

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Release Date:

Jan 01, 2016


United States



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Green Step Productions

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