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In an age of ever-expanding Artificial Intelligence, how is automation in technology affecting our ability to think for ourselves? Have we been so bombarded by external stimuli that we overlooked our innate genius to generate new solutions and remarkable ideas? Some of the greatest innovators of our time suggest it might, but what if everyone realized how to access their own unique capacity for inspiration and invention? What would our future look like in the next 10 to 10,000 years? A visual masterpiece narrated by legendary actress, Linda Evans, EVOLUTION: The Genius Equation creates a new paradigm for our understanding of GENIUS, inspiring us to think for ourselves and to explore our unlimited potential. One has to ask, does everyone have access to GENIUS? What is the Secret? EVOLUTION will leave you with questions you didn't know you had. Presenting brilliant interviews with experts in AI, neurology, quantum physics, art and much more - reaching from the archives of antiquity to contemporary, cutting edge science. Featuring: Michio Kaku, Paris Reid, Norman Doidge, David Gelernter, Sam Sternberg, Poppy Crum, Feryal Ozel, Chiara Marletto, Stanley Krippner, Philippa Gregory, JZ Knight and Ramtha, Margaret Starbird, and Jason Padgett.

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Release Date:

Nov 27, 2020


United States



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-WE- Genius Minds Productions, Detachment East

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