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Ella is 16 - and pregnant. All she knows of the child's "father", whom she met on a school exchange in France, was that his name was Pierre, and even that she couldn't swear. Actually, Ella just wanted to get over with the first time. She succeeded - unfortunately with serious consequences. It was initially a shock for her father Roman. Fortunately, Roman recovers surprisingly quickly and supports Ella. His new girlfriend Ariane also tries to help wherever she can. That is, if Ella allows it, because it doesn't really work with the two women. Ella's mother left the family years ago, and Ella is still very attached to her. Not an easy situation for Roman, who keeps getting caught between the fronts and is also in a completely different predicament: Because actually he and Ariane want a baby, so far unsuccessfully. In this respect, Roman doesn't find the thought that he will soon be a grandpa any longer that bad. Too bad Ella doesn't know whether to keep the child.

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Release Date:

Oct 13, 2017





Production Companies:

Südstern Film Produktion