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A young university student, Roberto, is studying economics at Felipe's house, who is completely unfocused writing messages on his cell phone. Suddenly, his sister, Denisse, appears, who after taking some photos ends up pointing her camera at Roberto and then leaves. Felipe is annoyed by his presence and gets even angrier when Roberto questions him about his family. The attempt to go back to school is interrupted by a call to Felipe's cell phone, who has to go out and leave his friend alone. Roberto hears strange noises inside the house and feels uncomfortable. After a moment Felipe's mother appears and sits with him. He asks him to help his son with his studies and also encourages him to go see his daughter, who is locked in her room. Roberto doesn't know what to do and ends up accepting. In a disturbing atmosphere, the mother waits for him by the stairs and watches him as he climbs to the top floor. After knocking on the door three times, having no answer, he decides to enter. The room seems empty, it has no decoration and it is dark. Suddenly he finds Denisse, sitting on her back next to a desk, she is completely still.

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Release Date:

Sep 07, 2022





Production Companies:

Dondi, Cine10z, NoFear Producciones
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