El calentito full movie is released on Jun 24, 2005. Watch El calentito online - the Spanish Comedy movie from Spain , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $864,208. El calentito is directed by Chus Gutiérrez and created by Juan Carlos Rubio with Verónica Sánchez and Macarena Gómez.

Sara is a high-class girl overprotected by her hysteric mother. During a weekend, she goes to a pub called El Calentito wants meeting with Toni to lose her virginity, but Sara discovers Toni with other girl, and she drunks until being unconscious. At the next day, Sara wake up in the house of Leo and Carmen, two free-spirited low-class girls who are looking for a girl for her music punk band, Las Sioux, after that other girl, Chus, left the band. Since then Leo and Carmen have that same morning an interview with Ernesto, a music producer, they ask Sara helps them going with the two to the interview. Reluctant at the beginning, Sara finally accepts. When Sara meets Ernesto, she starts falling in love with him, thinking if he would the perfect man to lose his virginity. Discovering her own voice to sing, Sara accepts to be the new Sioux, hiding this fact to her family with the help of her best friend Marta, but in a party celebrated a few days later, all ruins: Carmen hook up with Marta, Ernesto seems to be interested in Chus and Ana, Sara's mother, discovers the recent activities of her daughter, forbidding her continue with the band. Then Sara escapes from home and she refuges in the El Calentito helped by Antonia, transsexual own's pub. Convinced by Leo and Carmen to return to the band, the girls get them first concert in El Calentito for a special date: Febraury 23, 1981. Despite the total opposition to her mother, Sara goes to El Calentito to play with Leo and Carmen, but just this day, a military group make a coup d'etat in the Congreso de los Diputados (Spanish Parliament), causing the chaos: Sara discovers that Ernesto wasn't interested in Chus (who is lesbian and Carmen's ex-girlfriend), that Ernesto is a con-artist able to treason anyone to get success, and that a ex Civil Guard neighbor has done his own mini coup d'etat in the pub. Meanwhile the country take the streets claiming against the coup d'etat and Antonia fights against the neighbor, Sara shrinks in a depression in the El Calentito's store, but in this moment appears Jorge, Antonia's son, with who she finds again the hope, having with him her long-time first sexual experience. Full of happiness, Sara returns to the stage with her friends to sing for life and freedom.

As know as:

Garotas, Gritos e Músicas, Vadvirágok, Czas rebelii, El calentito

Release Date (Streaming):

Mar 07, 2018





Production Companies:

Vértice 360, Estudios Picasso, Canal+ España

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