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The mountain farmer Leonhard, who lives alone, sits on a vein of gold without realizing it: an underground spring supplies his alpine pasture with unique healing water that can be marketed very well. Leonhard, who has remained mentally on the level of a big child, is not so happy with business matters. The native Bavarian finally wants to find the woman for life. Of course, she has to love not only him, but also his animals. When Leonhard falls in love with the vacationer Beate, who like him has remained at the mental level of a child, there is no doubt for him: With her self-confident manner and her Rhenish cheerful nature, she is the right one for life. The fact that Beate is pregnant after the first night of love accelerates events in Leonhard's favor. Beates parents Hanna and Christian Spengler fear that their child daughter might not be up to the responsibility. Leonhard's beastly sister-in-law Franziska and the mayor Gregor Obermaier, who already have big plans for Leonhard's source, are also trying to influence their parents-to-be. Anton Gruber, who really cares about his cousin Leonhard, gets between the two fronts. Leonhard soon notices that he finally has to find the courage to trust himself - and of course the happiness of the family with Beate.

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Dec 17, 2019





Production Companies:

Amalia Film, ARD Degeto Film, Das Erste
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