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Finally holidays. Tinka can hardly wait to be away from everyday life for the first time with her twelve-year-old son Paul and her dream man Jürgen. A relaxed holiday is also the right opportunity to convince Jürgen, who is not a wedding person, to take the next step in their relationship. Tinka wants to marry Jürgen, and she wants Jürgen and her son to finally understand each other better. And as if that weren't enough of ambitious goals, she also wants to get to know Jürgen's best friends, Lars and Diana Wimmer, along with their daughter Charlie, and become friends with them. However, that doesn't go as planned: Because their finca is already occupied, the Wimmers move into Tinka's holiday home without further ado. Tensions soon arise: For the style-conscious Diana, architect Jürgen made the completely wrong choice with the fun-loving but not always tasteful nurse Tinka. Diana would never say so, but Tinka clearly senses that she, as the only non-academic, does not move at the level of Jürgen and his friends. Tinka loves Jürgen, but has to realize that they are worlds apart. When Lars offers his old partner the job of supervising a prestige project in faraway Dubai, Tinka's family dreams threaten to burst for good.

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Release Date:

Jan 25, 2019





Production Companies:

Bavaria Fiction, Canary Pictures Vehicles
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