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Packed with sticks of dynamite, Irish rebel and explosives expert John H. Mallory finds himself in Revolution-torn 1913 Mexico, on the run from the British government. Riding a dusty, V-twin Indian motorcycle, John crosses paths with short-fused Mexican bandit Juan Miranda and his gun-toting family of outlaws, and before long, his expertise in explosives becomes evident. Now, bent on putting Mallory's skills to good use, devious Juan forms an uneasy partnership with John to rob the impregnable Mesa Verde National Bank. Instead, what seemed like an unmissable opportunity to get rich becomes a trap, enmeshing the unlikely duo in the Revolution, having no other choice but to fight together with the troops of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata against the evil Colonel Günther Reza. Can John's dynamite get them out of the tight spot?

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Release Date:

Jul 07, 1972




English, Italian, Spanish

Production Companies:

Rafran Cinematografica, Euro International Films, San Marco

Gross worldwide:

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