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After a painful breakup with the love of his life; Mabel, over his state of unemployment, Uche is more determined than ever to secure his space in the corporate world, hoping that would salvage his relationship. Various hits and misses later, he gets lucky. He is shortlisted alongside 2 other candidates for a shot at becoming the Communications Manager at VALO INC. and his family and friends are excited, albeit for different reasons. Uche is prepared for this interview, in order to help him let off some steam, his friends convince him to come to the bar for what they call a "pre-celebratory" toast. He drinks a little too much and wakes up the next morning to his mum's loud wails about how her village people are after her. He is late for his interview. His friends offer to drop him off and on his way there; he gives alms to a beggar for luck and gets a lot more luck than he bargained for. Uche proceeds to have the luckiest day of his entire life. He gets a higher position than he interviewed for, complete with an official car, house and a lump sum as salary and benefits. He is asked to resume as soon as he is ready and he opts to resume the next day. He goes out to celebrate with his friends again and in the course of the day, they realize and exploit his newfound luck to the fullest. They have the best day of their lives. Uche wakes up the next morning to his mother's loud wails about how her village people are after her. He is late for his interview and everything that happened 'the day before was just a dream.

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May 07, 2021





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Elrab Entertainment
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