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The Doctor of Evil activated the time-space portal to cause time-space changes in various parts of the world. Human beings are ready to fight the invasion of alien monsters. The communication system of the X-Force sub-base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was invaded by mysterious saboteurs. Bai Lu was assigned to Kuala Lumpur to carry out a reconnaissance mission. Lu suddenly lost contact, was suspected of stealing the Key of the Sky, and was wanted worldwide; Hong Huan and Huang Li were anxious and acted rashly without the organization's permission, unexpectedly causing an uproar. Hong Huan and Huang Li, who are in a foreign land, have to deal with the hunting rounds and find ways to find Bai Lu's whereabouts. How should the three girls face the evil forces hiding in the dark? Who is the key to the sky? Can the hunting girl save the world again?

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Release Date:

Jun 01, 2018




English, Chinese

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Guangzhou Zhixing Entertainment

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Movie Douban

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