Dragon Age II full movie is released on Mar 08, 2011. Watch Dragon Age II online - the English Action movie from Canada. Dragon Age II is directed by Mark Darrah and created by Ferret Baudoin with Jo Wyatt and Nicholas Boulton.

Hawke and Hawke's family are on the run from the rising Darkspawn monsters sweeping up from the south. They run into a group of pursuing Darkspawn, but are saved when a strange, powerful witch called Flemeth intervenes. She then offers them a deal to deliver something for her to a band of wandering Dalish Elves, and in return, she will get them to the port city of Gwaren safely, so they may leave their homeland, Ferelden. Hawke agrees and they finally get to the ship and sail for Kirkwall, a city in the far-off Free Marches. Once there, they must work for shady groups for a year in order to pay their way into the city, being unwanted refugees who the city's ruling class care little for. A year later, the Blight is over and Ferelden is recovering, and Hawke has left the service of the service of the group they chose to work for. However, tensions in the city are still high. Tensions between the Mages and the Templarsare growing, with some Mages calling for more freedoms, and some Templars calling for tighter controls on their Mage charges. Mysterious and potentially quite dangerous Qunari are shipwrecked and wait within the city's docks for their ships, with no word on when they are coming, causing issues between their group and those of the city's main religion. Hawke decides to partner up with a street-smart dwarf and plans to hunt through the Deep Roads, tunnels once filled with Darkspawn, now supposedly safe due to the end of the Blight. However, it's going to be a dangerous and a costly expedition, so Hawke must find more work and more help along the way, perhaps even finding love. What Hawke doesn't know is that soon the many tensions within the city will be brought to an explosive clash and Hawke and their companions will find themselves center of these cataclysmic events, for better or worse.

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There are men who embrace destiny; these are the ones that change the world forever

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