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In an alternate timeline, the fictional town of 's Gravendrecht has become a financial paradise for people with Down syndrome, while other inhabitants live poor. Wesley wants to be part of this normal community, but is rejected for his divergence while deadly attacks on his kind are being committed by what seems a group of activists, led by Sandra. Her boyfriend Erik, a police officer, is struggling between her love and his work. The position of the current alderman Jasper Loman is faltering. Newcomer Tobias Reekers and the highly intelligent Arnold present a medicine to genetically cure Down syndrome and make everybody equal. This raises Reekers' popularity in the polls and Wesley is chosen to be the first test candidate. But when his friend Sylvester meets up with the mysterious Angelina and her father De Mol, a former acquaintance of Reekers, everything changes and it's no longer about curing the Down syndrome anymore, but to save it.

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Dec 31, 2022





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Bureau Dreaminc, Lodewijk Films

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