Dos más dos full movie is released on Mar 31, 2022. Watch Dos más dos online - the Spanish Comedy movie from Mexico , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $369,145. Dos más dos is directed by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa and created by Héctor Octavio Valdés Barrientos with Adriana Louvier and Arath de la Torre.

Sara and Enrique's marriage is going through a monotonous crisis he's completely clueless about. Fortunately, Sara hears from Lucy a secret that might be the answer to saving her relationship: Lucy and Ricardo practice polygamy. Knowing how much Enrique trusts Ricardo, his colleague, Sara does everything to persuade her husband to give it a try, resulting in the must absurd situations that almost drive him to suffering a panic attack. Until he finally manages to relax and enjoy the benefits of polygamy, giving way to an all-new Enrique: a kinky, confident ladies' man. Sooner than later, hormones betray feelings and both couples end up going through the worst crisis they have ever faced. Not all remedies work the same way for everyone, and that includes reconciliation.

As know as:

İki Artı İki, Two Plus Two, Dos más dos





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BTF Media

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