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Early twenty-something innocent Heather Halloran has always been pushed by her stage mother, Louise Halloran, to be a professional singer, despite Heather not wanting that as a career and having only modest talent as a singer. Against Louise's goal, Heather instead gets an office job working as a secretary for Harlan W. Wycliff, who has a mind and thus behaves like a computer. As such, he *knows* he's always right, including that his secretaries fall in love with him because he's young, powerful, wealthy and attractive. To prove Harlan wrong on another issue and thus knock his superior attitude down a notch or two, Heather takes Louise up on her offer for $5,000, which required Louise to re-mortgage her house, for professional help in putting together a musical act. Through her dealings with Harlan and the serious pursuit of that musical career, Heather embarks on trial relationships with three men who have doggedly pursued her: Dick Bender, a childhood friend and longtime neighbor who has been around the block a few times; Pat Murad, her arranger and singing coach, who is a bit of a lush; and Hank Judson, a shoe salesman and struggling actor, who specializes in overly dramatic death scenes. In the process, Heather gets pregnant. Each of Dick, Pat and Hank, who loves her in his own way, wants to marry Heather. But Heather comes to the realization that she only wants the love of one man, the person who got her pregnant, that person being... he who does not know he's the father.

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Release Date:

Apr 26, 1967


United States


English, Italian

Production Companies:

Trident Films
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