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It's funny how things escalate over a little money. Especially when it's a hundred thousand dollars. Steven and Paige are two twenty-something-year-old best friends who are growing increasingly desperate. Steven loses his job and his only hope of supporting himself and his mother, following a family tragedy. Paige is trying hard to break even, but things just aren't working out. To add insult to injury, Steven and his neighbor Malcolm are the same age, but unlike Steven, Malcolm is filthy rich. So when Steven and Paige find a hundred thousand dollars stashed at Malcolm's house, they also discover a whole different side of Malcolm that they never knew about, and are wrapped up in the same dangerous situation. How do they find the money, you might ask? Well - It's complicated.Let us see what happens.

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Release Date:

Oct 01, 2019


United States



Production Companies:

HeartStop Films, Dragonhead Films, Higgs VFX

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