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The irritable Clown, mediating Witch, indignant Pyro, and stoic Gasmask wander through the woods the day before Halloween, hoping to kill some defenseless teenagers once the fateful day arrives. Clown picks a fight with Pyro, who declares herself "perfectly capable" of executing her goals - and her victims - herself. They stop by a bridge, where Clown and Witch bicker as Pyro and Gasmask work out directions. After grabbing some weaponry from a ramshackle shed, the motley crew sits on a hill when Witch notices some unsupervised teenagers - the perfect target. She recommends they take the opportunity to take the kids down, but Clown angrily refuses. The argument escalates until Gasmask must finally rip his mask off to speak. He inspires his three companions with a strong, rousing speech. The four murderers stand together, finally a team, and a chainsaw revs in triumph as credits roll.

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Release Date:

Nov 22, 2017


United States



Production Companies:

Hashtag Winston Productions

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