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DIE UNBUGSAMEN tells the story of women in the Bonn republic who literally had to fight for their participation in the democratic decision-making processes against success-obsessed and officially drunk men like real pioneers. Undaunted, ambitious and with infinite patience, they followed their path and defied prejudice and sexual discrimination. Politicians from back then have their say today. Her memories are funny and bitter at the same time, absurd and at times terrifyingly topical. The documentary filmmaker and journalist Torsten Körner ("Angela Merkel - The Unexpected") has succeeded in creating an emotionally moving chronicle of West German politics from the 1950s to reunification, intertwined with partially unseen archive cuttings. The images he has found unfold a force that allows cinema to be rediscovered as a place of political self-assurance. An insightful contemporary document that makes an unmistakable contribution to the current discussion.

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Aug 26, 2021





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