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"Art is looking for new ways out of the climate disaster." - After a successful fundraising dinner, Chief Curator Cornelia Stohmann (Katharina Meves) writes a press release for the "Museum of Ecological Art". Florian Booreau (Albert Meisl), the enfant terrible of conceptual art, however, suddenly recognises it as a grand delusion. His opening exhibition: a fig leaf. The sponsors: dishonest. The discourse on sustainability: inconsequential. We know everything and still continue our lives as before. His sweeping blow of rage also draws the waiter Issa (Ahmed Soura) into the conflict, who ultimately reveals an unexpected perspective on a successful life in harmony with the limitation of our planet. At least that is what the script said. But things turn out differently on set. While the production schedule falls to pieces, everybody is confronted with their self-image. Is art really a "transformative force"? Is the idea of sustainability as an economic concept from the 18th century the right motif for the necessary transformation? A radical self-interrogation that neither the supporting roles such as the theatre producer Milo Rau, the critic Antje Stahl and the co-founder of "Ende-Gelände" Tadzio Müller nor the filmmakers themselves can escape. The »Art of Inconsequentiality« emerges as an utopian ideal. Between fictional culmination and authentic reflection, the film celebrates the beauty of failing and the parting of success.

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Release Date:

May 06, 2021


Germany, Austria



Production Companies:

NFP, Finali Film & Wortschatz Produktion
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