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Law student Aylin falls into a cleverly devised trap: After an emergency call from her single sister Elif, she returns to Berlin and violates the conditions of the witness protection program. LKA investigator Hannah, who wants to use Aylin again as an undercover investigator, has been waiting for this error. Your decoy, who is successful in the gangster milieu, is now supposed to sound out the influential lawyer Engelhardt, whose law firm is involved in illegal money laundering and the financing of terrorist groups. Hannah's employee and ex-son-in-law Jan doesn't think much of his boss's idea, because he can't resist Aylin's attraction and thinks the job is a suicide mission. However, the blackmailable informant has no choice but to get involved. Right away, Aylin manages to get Engelhardt's son Alex interested in her. The urbane top lawyer also immediately takes a liking to the young lawyer and offers her a well-paid job in his law firm. While the LKA boss is enthusiastic, Jan's alarm bells are ringing. When Aylin realizes how well informed the well-connected lawyer is about police work, there is no turning back for her, because not only the police know how to effectively blackmail Aylin. Now she has to complete the dangerous job on her own.

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Release Date:

Apr 13, 2019




German, English

Production Companies:

UFA Fiction
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