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Nikhil Sood gets a call on emergency helpline number dial 100 where a woman threatens to commit suicide. Nikhil asks for her details in order to help her but the woman hesitates saying that she is soon going to die. Prerna, wife of Nikhil, alerts him that their son Dhruv could be back to old habits of being a drug peddler as he leaves home late night. Nikhil makes Dhruv understand and return home quickly. But much before that, the mysterious woman who called Nikhil reaches his house and holds Prerna captive. The woman forces Prerna to sit in her car and calls Nikhil. After having a second conversation, he realizes that she is Seema Pallav whose son died in a hit and run case. A rich boy, Anant Mehra's car hit him and the case got shut due to pressure from big wings. But Dhruv also had a hand in it. Seema's motive is only to get revenge on Anant, which is why she has kidnapped Prerna and wants Dhruv to bring Anant to her.

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Release Date:

Aug 06, 2021





Production Companies:

Alchemy Films, SPE Films India

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Dial 100
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