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Handsome prince Augustin, the heir of the virtually bankrupt small reals of Lichterwalde, must set out to wed a wealthy bride. The dowry of the emperor's daughter Victoria would suffice handsomely and she's expected to wed soon, but the spoiled bitch and her headless ladies in waiting Tine and Mine turn systematically turn down every suitor. Reluctantly he brings his dynasty's finest heirlooms to join the line, but isn't even granted an actual audience as the girls fail to appreciate the exclusive treasures. Blacklisted at the imperial court, Augustin assumes the identity of the local swine herd and gets the extravagant dreamer-inventors Krumm and Schief to create a bubble and sound machine to her childish taste. It wins Victoria's attention, and he sets an extraordinary price: 100 kisses, to be collected at his pace. Meanwhile the emperor invites all aristocrats to a grand costumed ball where prince Ferdinand is to be engaged to his heiress, but she his finally tasted love and Augustin attends as a fake French prince.

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Release Date:

Dec 26, 2017





Production Companies:

Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion
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