Der Jungfrauenwahn full movie is released on Dec 04, 2015. Watch Der Jungfrauenwahn online - the German Documentary movie from Germany. Der Jungfrauenwahn is directed by Güner Balci and created by Güner Balci with Ahmad Mansour and Zana Ramadani.

"The Virgin Obsession" - In traditional Islam, like in so many other religions, sex is something that is reserved for marriage. What does this mean for young Muslims living in western secularized societies? The film maker himself has had a free upbringing, as there are many who do not share. And the fixation of honor and virgin is far from just girls. We can meet some of the film makers' friends, but also a psychologist, a lawyer and women's rights activists.

As know as:

The Virgin Obsession, Der Jungfrauenwahn




German, French

Production Companies:

Hanfgarn & Ufer Film und TV Produktion, Das kleine Fernsehspiel (ZDF), ARTE

Cast & Crew

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