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A few weeks after the conviction of the serial killer TOBIAS MAIR, he is brought before DETECTIVE GRUBER for questioning. Detective Gruber, one of the smartest cops in her precinct is determined to find out, what drove Mair to chose and kill all those people. Mair recognizes the same yearn for insight that has dominated him throughout his killings, in Detective Gruber's eyes. He tries to explain that the reason why he killed all those people was the peculiar experience of their lives flashing in front of his eyes in the moment of their deaths. That 'magical' moment of insight into another person's life, was like a drug for Mair. Once he started, he couldn't stop collecting lives. Detective Gruber, who refuses to believe the prisoner's story, sends Mair back into his cell. Too late she realizes that he has stolen something from her. When the detective arrives at the cell, Tobias Mair has already used her pen to injure himself seriously. She tries to stop the bleeding but fails. With his last breath, Mair takes Gruber's hand, presses it against his chest and dies. In that moment Detective Gruber sees the prisoner's life flashing before her eyes.

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Apr 13, 2018





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Giafatto Entertainment
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