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Ambitious doctor Clemens Hoffmann would like to take a break before taking his next career step and fulfill his long-cherished dream: to sail around the world on a boat for a year. Shortly before his departure, an accident thwarts his plans: his single sister Doro dies in a gas explosion and her will names her freedom-loving medic brother as the guardian of her three children, Kristina, Benni, and Judy. Clemens cannot count on his partner, who has given up her own offspring for his sake. Doro's childless sister-in-law Karin Donnersberg and her husband Arthur, who would even buy custody from him, turn away angrily when Clemens decides to have the children. He gets help from his friend Florian and single parent Marion. At first he struggles with the unfamiliar task: changing his plans, taking care of the children's needs, helping them grieve over the loss of their mother--whether he can take responsibility for the three in the long term, Clemens must prove not only to himself, but also to the youth welfare office. Because he knows himself: You don't become a good father overnight.

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Release Date:

May 01, 2019


Germany, Austria



Production Companies:

Mona Film Produktion, Tivoli Film Produktion, ARD Degeto Film
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