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Self-made, 80s stylized character, Val Brazil finds herself in the big city after connecting with Silver Fox, an older American who promises to not only marry her but make her a star. After a bizarrely original performance in her brilliantly colored costume, the two have drinks and cheers to an advantageous future. The fantasy comes crashing down when she ends up in a shadowy room being abused by leather-clad men as Silver Fox films the whole thing to make a profit. Unable to connect with the character of Val anymore she resorts to improv in a small theater but has a nervous breakdown and is berated by other participants and dragged off stage. Abandoning the character, the human wallows in his own tedious filth and tries to forget until his hired cuddle buddy discovers an old picture of Val and convinces him to become her again, causing torturous memories of the assault and betrayal to resurface. His anger builds, creating a disturbed, unforgiving character who devises a plan to not only get rid of Silver Fox but who he used to be.

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Mar 28, 2021


United States



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