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Having recently broken up with his latest boyfriend Lindsay, Wyatt Burwell, who works for a Manhattan investment firm, is heading home for a working Christmas holiday to his family's horse ranch nestled in the mountains of Harmony Springs, Colorado for the first time in five years. While one half of that work is for a client, the success or failure of the proposal which will determine if he will get a promotion, the other half is to convince his long widowed mother, Deb Burwell, to sell the ranch which has been bleeding money for years and which he doesn't want her to sink all her retirement savings into for what is a failing proposition, especially as she can't handle the property all her own. What Wyatt is unaware of is that since Deb's lead ranch hand Carlos Casas retired three years ago, Deb has hired Heath Ramos to work beside Wyatt's high school girlfriend Blake Berry to be her ranch hands. There is immediate friction between Wyatt and Heath in their competition partly in each believing he knows what's best for the ranch and thus Deb, which only increases when Wyatt divulges his desire for Deb to sell it. Things start to change between Wyatt and Heath not only when each discovers the other is gay, but when each begins to understand a little more about what is motivating the other: why Wyatt no longer comes home for visits and why he in particular has a particular disdain for the Christmas carriage rides provided at the ranch, and why Heath has such an attachment to the ranch beyond his current employment. If Wyatt and Heath can maintain a romantic relationship is dependent not only if they can overcome their current urban/rural divide, but if they can come up with a solution for the ranch that satisfies everyone's wants and needs, especially Deb's whose heart is still there but who may realistically not be able to maintain it logistically.

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Release Date:

Dec 13, 2020


United States



Production Companies:

The Ninth House, Off Camera Entertainment
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