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Dark Place is a 2019 Australian horror anthology film. The shorts in the film were directed by Indigenous filmmakers Kodie Bedford, Perun Bonser, Rob Braslin, Liam Phillips, and Bjorn Stewart, all of whom also wrote their own scripts. All five shorts center upon the Aboriginal people of Australia and the long reaching impact of colonialism. Segments: "Scout" - a group of indigenous women have been kidnapped and forcibly sex-trafficked, however it seems like their captors may have darker plans for them. The women must try to not only escape, but also get their revenge against their white captors. "Foe" - after a tragic event upsets her life, Eleanor begins to experience strange sleeping habits. She decides to record her sleeping patterns, but begins to notice something even stranger happening. "Vale Light" - forced to move after their last place caught on fire, Shae and her daughter Isabelle find themselves creeped-out by their new neighbor Diane. While Diane initially seems friendly, it doesn't take long for her true, awful personality to emerge. "The Shore" - Selena finds herself mesmerized by a figure in the water that may or may not be a vampire. "Killer Native" - a British couple has traveled to Australia in hopes of finding a place to make their dream home. They do not expect it to be easy, but they did not expect to find themselves hunted.

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Release Date:

Jun 15, 2019





Production Companies:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Noble Savage Pictures, Screen Australia
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