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After his fiance mysteriously disappears, Jack begins in what would be his biggest quest. Testing his limits, loyalty, and sanity that would ultimately lead to the endgame - Solve the mystery, begin the search before it's too late. But with something unusual in the way distracting him from doing so, he receives an old telephone late in the night with a mysterious stranger calling him every night telling him how he is going to be haunted the next day. With each haunt that comes in the night, it delivers a message to Jack and it ends up revealing a sentence that he needs to know which will help him get started on his quest. On his journey he has to uncover the mystery behind the phone and figure out who the stranger is on the phone and why that person is haunting him. In order for Jack to begin his quest he has to get pass phase one which is the haunts.

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Release Date:

Jul 26, 2019


United States



Production Companies:

Selou Films, R Films Entertainment

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