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When Walbrzych shakes a series of mysterious disappearances of children, the journalist Alicja arrives in the city. Returning after years on the family side, an uncompromising reporter wants to get to know the families of the missing people and unravel the mystery that even the police turns out to be powerless. In the course of a private investigation, Alice - quite unexpectedly - runs into the trail of dramatic events that began decades ago. Seeking to discover the truth, the journalist will have to face a new threat and what she has been escaping from throughout her adult life - the mystery of her childhood and the shocking secrets of her own family. Over time, the grim criminal intrigue will combine children, the wartime past, the legend of the lost treasure, and the fate of Alice herself, who will face the pure incarnation of evil and gain allies standing on the side of good. The dark and beautiful scenery of the city and the surroundings of the Ksiaz castle complete the world of colorful and dangerous characters, in which our heroine stops judging reality just as before.

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Jun 01, 2021





Production Companies:

Aurum Film, Odra Film, Centrum Zasobów Cyfrowych

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