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After Dante Alighieri was exiled from Florence at the beginning of the 14th century, he was "pardoned" in 2008 by Boris Acosta's request to, then, Mayor Matteo Renzi, who successfully put a motion to vote, ending on a 8 to 2 favorably. Since Dante was exiled, his remains have been in Ravenna for almost 700 years, under the Frati Minori Conventuali's custody. However, now that Florence doors are open for Dante, he must return to his natal city as it was his last wish written by himself in Paradise XXV as follows: "Should it ever come to pass that this sacred poem, to which both Heaven and earth have set their hand so that it has made me lean for many years, would overcome the cruelty that locks me out of the fair sheepfold where I slept as a lamb, foe of the wolves at war with it, with another voice then, with another fleece, shall I return a poet and, at the font where I was baptized, take the laurel crown. For there I came into the faith that recommends the soul to God, and now, because of it, Peter encircled thus my brow."

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Dec 25, 2021


United States



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Gotimna Productions

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