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Aboard this lighthouse is a Spirit Guide and his two young-lings Alexi and friend Micah. Three spiritual beings on an unusual journey. When the curious Alexi asks what his life will be like on earth the Spirit Guide is compelled to show him. He knows that dark forces are at hand and Alexi may indeed never be born at all. The Guide reluctantly shows him special moments in time where we find Alexi's family in deep turmoil where dark secrets abound. Along the Journey, we are introduced to a man simply referred to as "Him". This mob-like character serves as our Narrator, a charismatic wise guy enjoying a steak dinner at his favourite Italian eatery. But this capo-regime may be more important than he seems. Is he simply narrating or controlling the events himself? If this sounds like a page pulled out of the Twilight Zone you would be right. Only add a large dose of David Lynch-esq sensibilities and the pervasive casual and not so casual nudity and sex that are synonymous with Babaloo Studios.

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Release Date:

Feb 28, 2021


United States



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Babaloo Studios
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