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Peaceful town of Kasauli is shocked by recent killings of teenage school girls who are brutally murdered.Arjan Sethi since childhood is interested in stories of serial killers and plans to make a Punjabi film on it but has no takers.On the instance of his sister Seema he decides to join the police force in Himachal Pradesh guided by his brother in law Narinder Singh also a cop.Arjan notices that the murders are Modusoperandi of serial killings and is work of a serial killer and discusses with his seniors.But Arjan is taken lightly by his seniors and is made fun off it but the theory actually gets proven on one of the crime site.Arjan's investigation leads him to a school professor Tomar who sexually abuses his female students and is caught red handed while trying to do so with Payal niece of Arjan and gets beaten by him.While in hospital he denies his hand in killings and attacks Officer Gudia Parmar and gets shot by Arjan, same day Payal goes missing and her corpse is found two days later.But to make matters worse Arjan gets suspended from his duty for shooting Tomar at public place.

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Release Date:

Dec 31, 2022





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Capsule Films, Pooja Entertainment & Films

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