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In a multiverse of infinite worlds, we all have one world we call "home". Perhaps the town or country where we came from, and where we grew up. But some don't feel like home here at all. They simply don't fit in. They may have different values and thinking, or they want to do things differently. Many are being misunderstood, or called naive, or diagnosed with various disorders. But what if they really don't belong here, on this planet? What if they, at least spiritually, ended up at the wrong place? Cosmosaga is the story of one such child. A little boy who came to Earth from somewhere beyond. A boy who did not want anything but being everyone's friend. As he wanders through the wildlife, he greets all the living things around him. Until he finally finds himself in the middle of a big and busy city. Suddenly, he has two parents telling him it's time go to school. He happily comply. But that's when the troubles start, Soon he will be met by evilness and cruelty beyond his belief. How can Humans be like this? It will almost take a lifetime of terror before he finally finds a way out.

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May 08, 2021





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Starlife Group

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