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Cookie full movie is released on Feb 28, 2020. Watch Cookie online - the Hindi Horror movie from India , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $9,365. Cookie is directed by Lalit Marathe and created by Lalit Marathe with Amit Ashar and Bhavin Bhanushali. Cookie is available online on Amazon Video and Amazon Video.

Cookie and Minnie are daughter of psychiatrist couple Rajiv Kapoor and Aparna Kapoor where Cookie feels herself neglected over Minnie her parents notice the behavioral changes in her as she is violent and next moment back to normal,they feel she needs psychiatrist help.Cookie has argument with her parents over living independently and decides to move on,she enters a pub an after few drinks befriends a boy out there who dumps her in middle of lonely road.Cookie is then brutally raped and killed by three men on the lonely road while her parents and sister is waiting for her to return.Aparna starts to get hallucination's of Cookie and takes everyone where her body is buried but the worst yet to come as Aparna gets possessed by Cookie's spirit.

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