Convinced full movie is released on Oct 10, 2021. Watch Convinced online - the Bulgarian Short movie from Bulgaria. Convinced is directed by Lyubomir Petkov,Tsvetoslav Tsonev and created by Lyubomir Petkov with Nikolay Kenarov and Lili Stancheva.

Iliyan is being questioned by a police investigator about the disappearance of a girl named Kremena, a hitchhiker he has picked up, and he tells his version of the events. Iliyan is driving his car, packages in the back seat and is on his way to another delivery for his sister when he notices the Kremena walking by, signaling she wants to be picked up. He stops the car and gives her a ride. They talk and exchange stories and its evident Kremena's story seems dubious and sparse. Iliyan explains he's making deliveries for his sister's small business involving ceramics or something similar, but he doesn't really know specifically. Iliyan continues making deliveries and left alone in the car, Kremena looks through the glove compartment. Iliyan returns with a bottle of alcohol, a gift from one of the delivery recipients. Alone in the car, while Iliyan is out to deliver another package, Kremena talks on the phone with someone and also looks through Iliyan's wallet, seemingly contradicting her friendly appearance from before. En route to another delivery, the two talk. Kremena has been eating a piece of pastry and Iliyan talks on the phone. Kremena shows signs of wanting to throw up and signals him to stop the car. Kremena's throwing up while Iliyan asks her if she needs water and she says she's alright. While she's outside the car, Iliyan accidentally happens to take a glance at her backpack, where he sees what appears to be a ceramic cup that she might have pocketed while he was away from the car. He feels betrayed and later, after a quick stop, he drinks from the alcohol bottle and forces her drink some. He presses her about the legitimacy of her story and paying for the gas. The two clash and Kremena runs off in the distance. Iliyan follows her but he loses her in a small forest leading to a cliff, where to his shock, he finds her face down He withholds these events from the investigator, telling him he had dropped her off at a bus stop and drove off. The investigator shows him video evidence Kremena took just before entering his car and later a voice message that was sent to a friend suggesting Iliyan lied about leaving her at the bus stop and instead chased her and wanted to hurt her. Iliyan accepts his fate. The story ends with a scene from when he was on the road, right after the accident. He tells his sister on the phone that he had lost his way and will call back later. He smokes a cigarette as the sun sets.

As know as:

Sus Sigurnost, Convinced





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