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REAWAKEN. The Jedi order has stretched fin as a result of the new strict rules set in place by THE NEW REPUBLIC. 200 years after REY and the RESISTANCE brought an end to the evil FIRST ORDER, new heroes have risen and fallen. Weapon and ship manufacturers have shut down leaving only government transport as the only legal way of transport around the galaxy. On the ancient world of SERENNO, we find a young MASTER and his APPERENTICE training far from the core worlds. With many Jedi becoming outlawed for speaking up over the repressive governing body, the galaxy has been prone to attacks from other galaxy's. Shards of the past begin to threaten life it self and it is up to the galaxy's last line of defence to prevent what could spell DOOM to all that may attempt to oppose it.

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Release Date:

Dec 08, 2020


United Kingdom



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NexX Productions

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