Comic Evangelists full movie is released on Nov 01, 2006. Watch Comic Evangelists online - the English Comedy movie from United States. Comic Evangelists is directed by Daniel Jones,Dann Sytsma and created by Dann Sytsma with Adam Carter and Allison Hendrix.

"Comic Evangelists" is the story of an improvisational comedy team trying to take their message to the masses - whether the masses want to hear it or not. The Comic Evangelists members are led by the ambitious Rick, who is certain his group is "going to change the world" when they appear at the Toronto International Improv Festival. The fact that Comic Evangelists were not actually invited to the festival matters little to Rick, who is certain his team will be welcomed with open arms anyhow. Giving Rick his unconditional support is Noah, a born-again yes man who eagerly helps Rick persuade the more skeptical Evangelists that a trip to Toronto is exactly what they need to spread the good word. Nigel, who first brought the idea to Rick's attention, tries to convince Rick to go through the proper channels to register with the festival, but finds his sound advice falls on deaf ears. The other Evangelists include Beth, a good-hearted young woman who refuses to believe anything bad about anybody (even when the evidence is staring her in the face); Hillary, the group's designated songwriter and morale-booster; Boniva, a recent addition to the team who just arrived from Detroit and finds her big-city worldliness doesn't mesh particularly well with her partners' narrow view of the world; and the outwardly timid Sabrina, who is under the thumb of her overprotective father, Jerry, a style-impaired single dad who insists on chaperoning Sabrina on the trip. Also along for the ride is Jerry and Sabrina's neighbor, Blane, a divorced atheist who soon regrets joining the Evangelists on their mission. The film, which was almost entirely improvised, is the first movie from Crawlspace Eviction, an improv comedy group based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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