Citizen Verdict full movie is released on Sep 12, 2003. Watch Citizen Verdict online - the English Drama movie from United Kingdom. Citizen Verdict is directed by Philippe Martinez and created by Tony Clarke with Armand Assante and Jerry Springer. Citizen Verdict is available online on Amazon Prime Video and The Roku Channel.

Marty Rockman, notorious producer of the hit reality-TV show "So Sue Me", has a brand-new concept: "Citizen Verdict". Each week a real criminal case will be tried before the American people, but this time they're also the jury. If the defendant is voted guilty in a death-penalty case, Rockman will televise the execution. When an escalation in violent crime and terrorism hits the state of Florida, Governor Tyler, desperate to be seen as a tough-on-crime Republican leader in the upcoming Presidential race, decides to give Rockman his chance and "Citizen Verdict" goes into production in Tampa. Selected by phone-in vote, the show's first contestant is Ricky Carr, a man accused of the rape and murder of popular celebrity-chef Dolly Hamilton. The case is a surefire ratings winner. But when an investigation begins, it becomes apparent that Ricky may be innocent of murder.

As know as:

Citizen verdict: justicia en directo, Citizen Verdict, Гражданска присъда, Execution TV, A nép szava


United Kingdom, Germany



Production Companies:

Bauer Martinez Studios, Lucky 7 Productions LLC


Eliminate Crime!, Watch, vote, and execute...all in the name of justice.

Cast & Crew

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