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It's Christmastime in NYC and everyone is walking around happy and smiling except for Ava. Her workaholic boyfriend just canceled their Hawaiian vacation, and they seem to be growing apart. Across the country in California, widowed Mason and his daughter, Mia, prepare for Christmas alone. The three who have never met and live 3,000 miles apart, find themselves online when Mia convinces her Dad to rent out the guesthouse during the holidays for extra spending other words, she wants that dog for Christmas and this is her plan to get it. They meet on a Holiday Home Rental website. Mia chats online and convinces Ava coming to California for Christmas is the perfect remedy for her holiday blues, not knowing Mia's age. Ava sends all her information and impulsively rents Mason's little guesthouse for the holiday in sunny Tinsel, California. Shortly after arriving, Ava realizes the situation, offers to pack up and leave, but both Mason and Mia convince her to stay and enjoy the holidays together. What starts out as an impulsive trip for Mia turns into an important step in achieving her own happiness.

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Dec 06, 2020


United States



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