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When concert violinist Beth travels home from New York for the holidays after her mother's passing, she rediscovers the joy of her small hometown. While organizing a kids' Christmas recital in honor of her late mother, Beth begins tutoring aspiring violinist Katie, a student at the school and daughter of local country star Sean Grant, who left music after his wife passed away. As Beth teaches Katie, she and Sean clash over their different approaches to music, but Sean is eventually won over by the way Beth is able to connect with his daughter. As the three experience the holidays together, Beth inspires Sean to start writing music again, and Sean motivates Beth to try out for the local orchestra. When Beth gets the spot, she grapples with the idea of moving back home for good. But as she deepens her connection with Sean and Katie while reconnecting with her community, it becomes clear where she belongs.

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Release Date:

Oct 23, 2021


Canada, United States



Production Companies:

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, MarVista Entertainment, Neshama Entertainment
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