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Charlotty may be Charles, his real name, as well as can be female and male at the same time. What Charlotty does not want to be labeled and, in this way, follows his life by breaking patterns, stereotypes and certainties. It is precisely at night that he celebrates his graduation in Law Schoolthat Charlotty ends up suffering a terrible aggression in front of the store of convenience of a filling station. However, what could be considered only a sad statistic, or just more a case of "transphobia" in the country, hides behind an unexpected meeting. In the past, Charlotty worked as a nanny for Jonathas, Esther's only son, the wife of an extremely conservative. Charlotty never forgot Esther - the only one woman she loved deeply - and her son - from whom she took care of it as if it were her own too. Seventeen years later, Charlotty and Jonathas meet in front of a convenience store. The past and the present are mixed, while the future is lost in the time, leaving only one question: love and respect Does human life have limits?

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Sep 25, 2021





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