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For well over a century, the world has loved, celebrated or condemned Charlie Chaplin. Beyond the slapstick genius he is remembered as, Chaplin poured his full talent and creativity into serving ideals of justice and freedom. Actor and writer, director and producer, composer and choreographer, humanist and subversive, Chaplin is one of the most complete artists of his time. The story of his life is embedded within the political and artistic history of the 20th century. Carried by the sumptuous voice of Mathieu Amalric, This documentary selected at the 2020 Cannes Classics Film Festival is the first to portray this legendary artist entirely from anthology scenes and B-rolls from his most popular masterpieces as well as compelling, and at times surprising archival footage uncovered from dozens of the most important film archives around the world.

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Release Date:

Jan 06, 2020





Production Companies:

Ciné+, France Télévisions, Kuiv Productions
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