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Right now, the United Nations estimates that over 100million women and girls are missing worldwide. Meanwhile, the names of important women who made significant contributions to the world are also missing from the pages of our history books. This film looks deeply at how women are devalued, overlooked, and persecuted. It explores some of the important links between the way we view women, and the way women are treated - and mistreated; as well as solutions for protecting and educating women and girls. CHALICE is also a celebration of some of the important women who have gone unrecognized by history and in the media, as well as the exciting rise of female leaders. Women hold solutions for the future. We have also been integral to the past. Half of the human story was quite literally - erased. Who would we be collectively if we knew our whole story? Because women's voices have been symbolically annihilated, this film will focus primarily on female leaders and experts: teachers, scientists, professors, activists, ecologists, religious leaders, mothers, artists, journalists, visionaries, yogis, children. This film is also a rallying cry at this precarious time when the life of our precious planet and the lives of women and girls in many countries are at stake. We need more than inspiration, we need solutions. Women are important. CHALICE: Women Leaders Rise will show why.

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May 01, 2021


United States



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Chalice Pictures, Partnerships for Change

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