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Lian believes he has lost everything in life. By the death of his father, he has fallen into his own limbo and seems to be walking without emotion. Even his three best friends can not change this condition, as out of nowhere, the young and bright Avaleen occurs in his life at a coffeehouse. She first manages to win him a smile and help him regaining his original happiness. The two fall in love and experience the best time of their lives, his friends even organize a party in honor of his "rebirth". But Avaleen is behaving strange more and more. When she falls into an emotional hole, she asks Lian to break out with her and leave everything behind to become happy together. He agrees and Lian leaves his friends behind. When they has just arrived at the highest peak of their feelings and Avaleen's dancing in front of Lian, she stops abruptly. Everything seems to run in slow motion for Lian, as Avaleen collapses in front of his sight and takes her last breath. So he's back at the beginning, staring out of the window of the coffeehouse and seems to be absorbed in his own abyss again, if there wouldn't be a glimpse of hope in the end.

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Apr 06, 2019





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Witzki Visions

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