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In Boulder, Colorado, Grady, who comes from an old money family but who has struck out on his own as a half owner of a fly fishing business, has just unexpectedly passed. Beyond her extreme grief, Gray, his loving fiancée, the two who were to be married in only a couple of days, is placed in a difficult position as they had no assets in their joint names, and without a will she is legally left with nothing of his except the engagement ring, one half of a family heirloom set along with the wedding ring she was about to receive, the engagement ring which his mother, Ellen, would like back. Gray cannot even afford to live in the rental house she and Grady were to live in, and as such, she, at least in the short term, moves into Grady's old room with his two roommates and best friends, Dennis, Grady's quiet, straight-laced business partner, and somewhat clueless Sam, a copywriter of sorts with Celestial Seasonings Tea. The fourth in that buddy friendship is Fritz, a Los Angeles based director of commercials, he who came in for the funeral and who is staying with Dennis, Sam and now Gray for as long as he is in town. Gray has never much liked seemingly self-absorbed Fritz, his current presence which only strengthens that notion as he displays no sense of anything about Grady, let alone grief. In the process of dealing with his estate, Gray discovers some hidden aspects of what was Grady's recent life, both of a financial nature and an associated personal nature. She turns in part to Grady's friends for answers and support, and while Dennis is the one who wishes she turned to in being secretly in love with her, Gray ends up bonding unexpectedly with Fritz as this information answers a lot of questions she had about his and Grady's friendship. Things within this grouping get even more complicated with the arrival into town from Los Angeles of a woman named Maureen and her preschool aged son Mattie, who are somewhat in the center of that hidden issue concerning Grady.

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Release Date:

Jan 26, 2007


United States


English, Sanskrit

Production Companies:

Columbia Pictures, Relativity Media, Tall Trees Productions

Gross worldwide:

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