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Living for a long time locked in a high rise apartment, Sassy struggles every day with loneliness and isolation. She lives haunted by an enigmatic Voice, that blames her sister -Ashley- for her misery. This Voice encourages Sassy - in a very sweet, and invitational manner- to leave everything behind in order to stop her suffering. Sassy is a sweet and delicate woman, but every day she starts to become more influenced by this Voice's advise. Ashley is a hardworking, independent woman who tries to help Sassy to be happy, but she fails to understand that what Sassy really needs is love and attention. After a long and stressful day, Sassy finally gives in to despair and physically harms Ashley for a chance to escape from her. In this desperate attempt to finally run away, a most unexpected visitor appears, encouraging Sassy to remember what she's made of and finally face her fears. Sassy remembers her purpose in life and embraces her true nature.

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Apr 06, 2018





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Vancouver Film School

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