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A journey from the first to the last day of school in a fifth grade of elementary school, told through the emotions and words reported in a diary. What does it mean to grow up for a child? What does the future hold for them? What will they have to endure? Wouldn't it be better not to grow up at all? And, above all, are we sure that even the teacher does not think just like them? CARO DIARIO is a particular short film, at least from certain "points of view". The narrative is aloof, the references waver, yet everything falls within the absolute precision and inexorability of the passing of time. The weather. You can't stop time from flowing, but you can't stop a child from asking questions either. For this reason the teacher will help them to complete their path, without realizing that, in reality, they will be the ones to help her to complete another - more important: remembering.

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Nov 08, 2020





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