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Molly needs funds to finance her new business idea but it turns out that her fathers company is threatened by foreclosure. The only possibility for Molly is to sell her mothers old house in Peppermint Hollow that is in her name after her mother died. Instead of going to Hawaii as planned Holly now needs to go to Peppermint Hollow to oversee the selling of the house. The house is rented by her mothers best friend, her son Noah and his niece Gracie. They run a mint plantation which are having trouble after their biggest buyer went out of business. Now Molly is facing the delicate task of selling the house and effectively evict them. On top of that, due to bad weather, she's forced to stay with them. Is there any way to solve everybody's predicament?

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Release Date:

Nov 19, 2021


United States



Production Companies:

MarVista Entertainment, Go Films, Discovery+
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