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It's the Christmas season, the favorite time of year for Phoebe Saunders, half owner/operator of Seeing Green Flower Shop along with her childhood best friend Laurie Danes. Phoebe is set in her traditions in all aspects of life, which makes this season potentially not as special when she learns that her favorite Christmas tradition, Candy Cane Lane--a street in her old neighborhood decorated by the residents--is not happening for the first time since she was a child; long-time organizer Louise McGraw is moving, and all the other residents are losing interest. Laurie sees this as an opportunity for Phoebe as she's felt Phoebe's traditions have stifled her life, preventing her from experiencing new things. In finding other things to fill the void, Phoebe meets veterinarian Eric Kelton. He has shut himself off from love since the recent demise of his last serious relationship. That first encounter between Phoebe and Eric leads to a second chance encounter, and a third, and many more. They are vaguely attracted to each other, but their chance encounters never seem to happen at the right time. Will the time ever be right? And will something special replace Phoebe's beloved Candy Candy Lane.

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Release Date:

Oct 31, 2020





Production Companies:

Reel One Entertainment, Reel One Films 5
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